Areas That Are Prone to Flood Damage

One of the most damaging natural elements here on earth is water. For those who don’t know, water is accountable for the biggest natural disasters in mankind. In addition to that, the water’s accountable for millions of dollars in property damage every year.  

You’ve got to keep in mind that water damage doesn’t always come from a giant wave. Oftentimes, water damage can be coming from unnoticeable areas in the house.  

If you want to avoid spending money for flood repair Escondido, here are a couple of areas in your house that are prone to water damage: 

Washing Machine 

Leaks in the washing machine aren’t really that common. It can be an indication that your appliance requires repair if you see water coming out of the base. 

Your ideal bet is to contact either a professional technician or plumber if you aren’t skilled in working on appliances. Make sure that the person you’re going to hire is certified to fix any brand of appliances. A couple of manufacturers require technicians to be certified to work on their brands.  


Without a doubt, the shower is a part of a house that uses the most amount of water. The usual home in the United States will utilize around 40 gallons of water every day just in the shower. Fixing leaks can become labor-intensive and expensive, whether your shower is built as a stand-alone or is connected to a tub.  

With showers, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind. In general, the primary points of connections are hidden. Fortunately, almost every contractor will place showers strategically to make them simpler to access if a leak happens.  


Throughout the day, your whole family will utilize a kitchen sink or bathroom over and over for a lot of time. While sinks are uniquely designed for this type of activity, the components inside it will experience a lot of wear and tear. Luckily, you can repair a lot of the parts in a sink. All you have to do is to follow a couple of instructions.  

However, you’ll have to hire an expert if you’ve got to replace the whole sink. This will guarantee that the task is done according to state, city, and industry codes. 

Underneath Your Home 

You’ve probably noticed how complicated the plumbing system is if you’ve ever been under your home. Several pipes all connect into the main pipe that directs water into your home. A leak is always possible with all these connections. However, experienced and certified professionals can ensure that your plumbing network will last for a lot of years without any issues. On a couple of occasions, a whole system can go for more than 15 years without experiencing any damage or leaks.  

Kitchen Appliances 

The kitchen is another obvious part of your home. Aside from your living room, your kitchen is another room that experiences a lot of foot traffic each day. Within a single day, one or more people utilize your kitchen 7 up to 10 times. This means that water will always be present in this area.