Whenever we’re going for a trip, no one really wants to leave their pets at their house. However, occasions can happen where it isn’t possible to take your pet along. Because of this, your ideal option might be to hire a pet sitting.  

Today, we are going to talk about why you should hire a Savannah pet sitter whenever you are going out of town: 

Your Pet is in Great Hands 

The Pet Sitters International and The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters will certify expert pet sitters. If a pet sitter is certified by these organizations, it means that he/she has complete knowledge of pet behavior and health and has obtained training for first aid. This training will help them to know the difference between non-emergency and emergency situations. It also guarantees they know how to respond in both situations. In addition to that, the solo attention that a pet sitter can offer guarantees that they’ll notice weird behavior and be able to respond right away. 

They Can Multi-Task 

Aside from taking care of your pet, a pet sitter can also take care of your home. If you’re away, you need to have someone that can help discourage burglars. A pet sitter can help you with this. They might also do other minor household chores such as watering the lawn, checking the mail, and much more while they are at it. However, you’ve got to talk with the sitter first if there are any extra charges for these minor chores.  

Better Communication 

Better communication is another advantage that you’ll get whenever you employ a pet sitter. He/she will be able to offer you updates through text messages, chat, emails, and much more. Of course, this will help you feel more at ease. 

Small Changes 

If you opt for a facility, your pet might feel stressed and anxious whenever there’s a sudden change in schedule and atmosphere. For those who don’t know, a facility will care and feed your pet based on their schedule, not yours. On the other hand, a pet sitter can follow the schedule that you already have for your pet. Your pet will feel calmer if the pet sitter stays on that schedule.  

Stress-Free Experience 

Pets can experience separation anxiety whenever they’re away from their owners. Furthermore, this feeling can be exacerbated whenever they are placed in a boarding facility. That’s why almost every rescue pets have separation anxiety. While almost every facility guarantees quality playtime that can get rid of this stress, a pet sitter can offer your pets with the one-on-one attention they require to feel less anxious. 

Lowered Risk of Getting Sick 

Because of being exposed to other pets that might be ill, pets that are left in a facility might also get ill. This type of illness is commonly known as Bordetella. It isn’t uncommon for pets to return from the facility with symptoms such as cough, lethargy, and fever. This type of illness requires vet treatment. Of course, you can easily avoid this illness if you simply hire a pet sitter.