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Booking Contact: Eric Shaw
Booking Hours: Mondays 1pm-6pm
Booking Phone: 512-396-1050
Booking Requirements - Welcome to the digital age. No need to send a press kit through the mail (although you can if you really want, see address below) just send us a link to your music. While something a bit more substantial than a MySpace page is preferred, that will do if it's all you have. ReverbNation artist pages are great. Primarily, we want to hear your music, but also learn a little more about the band. Mostly, where else have you been playing around town and if you've played any meaningful shows elsewhere. This information reflects on your professionalism both as a performer and as a promoter. Pictures and stuff are nice, but we aim not to be too superficial about these things. Thanks for your interest in playing the Triple Crown.
Promotion tips for making your Triple Crown show a success
1. Make and distribute flyers for your shows - Advertise your band as well as the other acts on the bill. Let people know what time they can expect you to be on stage. Artistic flyers are great, but make sure that the pertinent info is readable. Drop some flyers off at Triple Crown (we go out every Monday and are happy to post your flyers around town). Please note that it is ILLEGAL in the city of San Marcos to attach anything to telephone poles or other public property. Concentrate on record stores, coffee shops and other places where your fans are likely to visit.
2. Limit your performances in town - We ask that you do not perform elsewhere in San Marcos for at least 14 days on either side of your Triple Crown show. Should you have the "opportunity of a lifetime" that conflicts with an already scheduled show, just drop us a line and tell us about it. We're reasonable.
3. Promote your show online - Facebook, Reverbnation and other similar sites are free and popular tools for cultivating fans. A Facebook event page that includes the show flyer is crucial nowadays. Use it to invite people and remind them as the date gets closer. We will also work to promote your show online and in print.
4. Don't count on the other bands for a crowd - Everyone has to do their part to ensure success. For instance - We've had three headliners play together on a Saturday night. This should have been a packed show but it was dead. What happened? Well, not one of the bands made a flyer or bothered to promote because they were all expecting the other bands to do so. If everybody promotes you're bound to have a great show.
5. Support your scene - The people most likely to come see your band are friends and other musicians. So, go see other local bands play. Meet like-minded people in bands, invite them and your friends to the show.
We pay attention the efforts that bands put into bringing folks into the room. The more we see you promote, the more likely you will be asked back. Thanks!

Eric Shaw
Triple Crown
206 N. Edward Gary
San Marcos, TX 78666
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